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Our In-Home and Roaming medical alarms connect you or a loved one to emergency medical assistance at the push of a button. The In-Home alarm includes a wrist pendant or a lightweight pendant and a wireless hub that covers your whole house and garden, while the Freedom Roaming mobile pendant adds 3G GPS to pinpoint your location when you’re out and about.

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How they work


An accident or medical emergency happens when you’re out and about.
You press the button on the GPS pendant you’re wearing.
You’re instantly connected to our cellular network and contacted within minutes via the two-way speaker and medically assessed.
Your situation is assessed and emergency assistance is sent where and when you need it.


An accident or emergency happens at home, so you press your neck or wrist pendant’s button.
A signal goes to your base unit, plugged into a landline or connected to your mobile network.
You’re contacted within minutes via the two-way speaker and medically assessed.
Advice is given or an ambulance is dispatched to your home depending on the situation.


Sign up today and get one month free
Emergency ambulance charge covered
No minimum term contract
Government funding may be available
Meets home or mobile medical alarm standards
Assured coverage in and around home
Works beyond home
Wear the home pendant while mobile alarm is on charge

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This promotion is available in Auckland only.

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    Customer testimonials

    With my In-home alarm, I now have the confidence to do all the things I like doing around the house. And of course outside in my beloved garden. It’s meant my daughter and son-in-law are reassured that I can still manage quite well on my own and my own home is the still best place for me in my golden years. We’re all just so much happier now.


    I was really worried about Dad heading off to the wharf to fish. I mean it’s a couple of kms from home and while Dad’s pretty spry, he is nearly 80. So Freedom’s Roaming Medical Alarm has been a real godsend. Dad can still enjoy his fishing and we can be happy knowing help will be there immediately, should it be needed.